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Mary Armendarez

Energy Cleansing Ritual Mini Kit

Energy Cleansing Ritual Mini Kit

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The energy cleansing kit is designed to clear dense energy from your body, office, and house. The space that you cleanse will instantly be purified.

This kit includes:

Cedar and sage bundle: This is used to protect your space and cleanse negative energies around you.

Pala Santo wood: Is a wood commonly used for clearing misfortune and negative thoughts, while sealing in positive energies.

Energy cleanse roll-on: Cleanses your space and uplifts your vibration.

Crystal quartz: Helps heighten your awareness and gives protection to your entire body.

White candles: Increases energy, peace, truth, and purity.

Instructions to properly use all materials and effectively perform the ritual.

You can now cleanse your aura instantly!

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