Mary Armendarez

Mary Armendarez is an intuitive, spiritual teacher and public speaker who loves to illuminate humanity, helping people raise their vibration so they may start living a life of freedom, happiness, and abundance. She illuminates through her personalized guided meditations,
personal healing tools and one-on-one sessions. Her greatest joy is helping others realize they have the strength and will power within themselves to change their reality in a positive and powerful way.

Mary Armendarez's energy cleansing kit includes eagle feather, white candle, abalone shell, cedar/ sage bundle, bell, energy cleanse roll on, quartz crystal, Santo Palo stick, lavender bouquet, and ritual instructions.
Mary Armendarez is a spiritual coach who will guide you to your essential daily meditations. Mary's techniques provide the best experience with her high vibrational meditation candles, self-healing kits, energy cleansing kits, and guided meditation.

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Mary Armendarez has been interviewed and featured in different videos and articles from the Redfin, Natural Awakenings, Belinda Womack, Nordstrom, Conscious Life Expo, Southern Bride and New Living Expo.

Customer Reviews

  • Julia

    Mary guided me through situations with such patience and guidance. She also helped me with cutting energetic chords and letting go of old wounds/past hurt through light meditations and breathing exercises.

  • Charles

    Mary's energy, her light, is wholesome and brilliant. She has a light that flickers like a butterfly. She is daring, she is darling , she is caring, she is a force. She dances upon the world and flowers that she touches. She is lovely.

  • Julia Riader

    Mary's gentle voice puts me in a very relaxed state of mind and my entire body felt her positive energy and white light coming through. And this happened over the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I am so grateful for this beautiful angel. She has a natural gift to heal and help people on their healing journey.Thank you Mary, Much Love!

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