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“Mary’s mission is to help you retrieve your personal power, so you may achieve mental, physical, and spiritual happiness in your daily life."

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Mary Armendarez, who was born and raised in Carmel, California, is an intuitive healer, motivational speaker and power retrieval guide. Her passion is helping others raise their vibration and step into their own individual power. Ten years ago, during a period of self-introspection and reflection, Mary concluded that she no longer needed to live with fear and anxiety. During this period, she was introduced to the 12 Archangels from the central sun and discovered Power-retrieval healing techniques. This was transformative and now she leads a life of freedom, self-love and self mastery. She loves to teach others to discover and utilize their power within so that they may realize their true potential for freedom, self-love and abundance. 

Throughout her career, Mary has spoken at numerous conferences, including the Conscious Life Expo and New Living Expo and her self-healing products have been featured in Nordstrom. Mary has been featured in many magazines around the country and you can always find Mary on YouTube, sharing new guided meditations and healing techniques.

In addition to her professional achievements, Mary is also an avid hiker and spends her free time exploring nature in her home state with her dogs and family. Mary remains dedicated to helping others better themselves and continues to teach, utilizing Power-retrieval techniques and her personal guided meditations.

Mary Has Been Featured in...

Mary Armendarez has been interviewed and featured in different videos and articles from the Redfin, Natural Awakenings, Belinda Womack, Nordstrom, Conscious Life Expo, Southern Bride and New Living Expo.