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“Mary’s mission is to help you retrieve your personal power, so you may achieve mental, physical, and spiritual happiness in your daily life."

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Mary Armendarez is a Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and founder of Basic Purity. As a young child, Mary had a heightened sensitivity to the energy of those around her. She would later understand this to be part of her gift as an intuitive healer. Mary grew up in a Catholic family with 9 other siblings yet she grew up feeling both different and isolated. The family home had negative energies that Mary could sense. Mary says the one saving grace as a child was her spirit guide that visited her often. Her guide would often visit her at home while sitting on the edge of the bed. Her guide radiated love and she sensed was there to protect her. While they never spoke, her guide was always present. She remembers his routine visits and that he often rode the bus with her on the way to school.

Many of us have had experiences like this during childhood. However, most of us begin to question our recollection as we grow. It's easy to discount things of this nature as childhood fantasy. Mary had a difficult time in school, feeling like she didn't fit in. Mary had a child at 18 and struggled in the early years trying to raise her child as a single mother. She was forced to put her spiritually aside out of perceived necessity and put her energy into raising her young daughter. Her Catholic upbringing had taught her that struggle and suffering were natural, and she accepted that view for most of the next 22 years.

Ten years ago, Mary began a period of introspection and began to question why she was filled with anxiety and fear. She felt unworthy and unfulfilled. She also realized she was tired of living this way and was determined to make a change. It was about this time that Mary was introduced to the 12 Archangels of the Central Sun. She enlisted the aid of her spiritual guides and once again embraced her natural intuition. She discovered that fear is an illusion and began creating tools to reinforce and heal the part of her spirit that was broken. She also realized that others had similar feelings of doubt and questioned their self-worth. 

She created Power Retrieval Techniques and Basic Purity to teach others how to heal themselves emotionally and spiritually. Mary helps people around the world tap into their own intuition. She uses the energies of Divine Source to teach others how to heal themselves, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Mary's energy, her light, is wholesome and brilliant. She has a light that flickers like a butterfly. She is daring, she is darling, she is caring, she is a force. She dances upon the world and the flowers that she touches. She is lovely.💫