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Mary Armendarez

5 Earth Elements Ritual Candles Set

5 Earth Elements Ritual Candles Set

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Five Earth Elements Candle Set

With this set, you have one candle for each of the 4 primary elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Plus, Ether the connection to God, Source, Angles and all the Loving Beings there to help us.

✨Our elemental candles are designed to help you align with the energies of each element. Every elemental candle has a guided meditation to help you align to that element. These candles can be used together as a set for rituals or to balance the energy in your sacred space to bring in manifestation, clarity, peace and harmony.

🔥 Fire brings in the qualities of passion, transformation, purification, sexuality, high energy, desire, power, freedom and creativity.

🌎 Earth brings in structure, strength, money, boundaries, foundation, safety and security.

💨 Air helps to bring in communication, wisdom, and powers of the mind.

💧 Water brings in feminine energy, healing, cleansing, purification, passion and emotion.

🌟 Ether is the energy to help connect to Source / God's Energy of Purest Love.
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