Actived your Heart And Willpower

Power retrieval is a process of reclaiming YOUR willpower and energy that may have been lost or given away in various life situations, such as trauma, challenging relationships, or cultural conditioning.

Mary will help you becoming more self-aware, identifying limiting beliefs, releasing emotional and psychological blocks that may be holding you back. You will be reconnected with YOUR inner strength, wisdom, and purpose, and taking empowered actions will align with YOUR values and goals.

Power retrieval is the most important part of personal growth and healing, as it can help you reclaim YOUR self-worth, and vitality, and live more fulfilling and authentic lives.

Mary and her Team Of Helpers In Heaven will use various healing techniques to help you Retrieve Your WillPower!

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Power Retrieve Session

Are you prepared to transform your life positively?

Joined by the Guides from Heaven, we will summon and restore your energy. We’ll impart the skill of reclaiming your willpower, enhancing your confidence, intuition, and ability to manifest. Following your session, you’ll receive the recording in MP3 format.

This transformative experience spans 60 minutes.