6 Guided Meditations

Download 6 meditations for free. These will help you have happiness flow into your daily life!

🌿 Miracles Meditation
🌿 I Love Myself Meditation
🌿 Patience Meditation
🌿 Trust Energy Meditation
🌿 Joy Meditation
🌿 Oh Yes Me! Meditation



Divine Feminine Meditation

This extremely powerful guided experience for divine feminine awakening will truly empower you. Your heart will be awakened so that you will feel the power of the Divine Feminine energy flow through you! You will have the sense of unconditional love overflowing into your everyday life!
The more you listen to this mediation, the easier it will be to connect to your true feminine energy that has always been within you!



Create Your Own Scared Space With The Archangels

With the help of the Archangels, this meditation will help you create your own scared space. Your vibration will be lifted up, you will feel safe, loved and grounded.
This meditation is perfect for anyone who is a beginner meditator, you will learn how to call in the archangels as well as the four elements- earth, air, fire, and water.

This is a very fun way to create your personalized protected space.



Four Earth Elements Guide

Learn How to Connect to the Divine Mother-Father-God with these Elements! Download the File for Free!



Here’s What Clients Are Saying

Mary's gentle voice puts me in a very relaxed state of mind and my entire body felt her positive energy and white light coming through. And this happened over the phone. ~ Julia Riader

With Mary’s meditations, it is an adventure of beauty and magic and peace and power. Mary describes colors and textures and sensations that take your mind soaring and you don’t even realize that your body is responding with happy relaxation. - Laura