green oak tree

The Heart Chakra has the Power to Change Your Reality

In this beautiful image we see a green oak tree. 

The color green is the color of the fourth, or heart, chakra. It’s when we feel love in our hearts center that we naturally emit healing energy, but we also attract love and compassion to all living beings.

Studies reveal that electrical signals from the heart are up to 60 times stronger than the brain’s, and the magnetic field is much as 5,000 times more powerful. Our thinking patterns affect our feelings, and in turn our reality. What we put out whether it is love, sadness, fear or compassion, contains an incredible amount of power to shape and influence our reality.

When the focus of our attention and intention is love and compassion, we recognize no separation between self and others.

All wounds come from the illusion of separation from Source, God, or Creator. The best way to heal the heart chakra is through love and compassion for every being including yourself. The heart is a giver putting out electrical energy and a receiver drawing in magnetic energy.  When you tune into the heart you can sense any fear, anger, and judgment towards yourself or others.

When you sense the feeling of forgiving yourself and others, it allows your heart power to become stronger. It creates a stronger magnetic energy around your heart and that’s when your reality will start to change in the most wonderful ways.

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