The four earth elements guided meditation by Mary Armendarez

The Four Elements Guide


There are many ways to connect to Divine Mother-Father-God, the creator of the universe.

There are several easy and wonderful tools that can help us connect to the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. By connecting with each of these four elements, we connect with both nature and creation.


Earth is truly our mother. While we visit here on earth, she is here to take away all fear, pain and regret. To speak with her, simply lay down on your belly on her beautiful surface and cry, scream, tell her your fears and pains and she will absorb them into her Earthly body for you. She is your mother so let her heal and love you. Her energy will fill you up with safety and security which will help you remain grounded.

When to Connect to the element of Earth: When you feel fear, anger, regret, lack of self-esteem, shame or guilt.


Water cleanses us, balances us and is the ruler of our emotions. Mother Earth is made up of more than 70% water and our bodies are nearly the same. Our bodies are 100% linked to planet earth. By simply washing your hands, the beautiful water flowing over your skin will cleanse and purify you. The same is true for taking a shower, swimming in the ocean or playing in a river. Water will instantly purify you and cleanse your emotional body.

When to connect to the element of water: When you are over emotional, have been attacked by entities or psychic attacks.


Fire is the most important of all elements as it helps us connect with love, passion and compassion. Fire has the power to change hatred to love, darkness to light and anger or rage to peace and compassion. A great way to connect with fire is to watch the flames dance. Fire opens our hearts, energizes our entire being and releases any fear that resides within us.

When to connect to the element of Fire: When you have fear, anger or shame or additionally, when you would like to bring in more compassion and/or passion.


Air is the most basic element of existence, exemplified by the first breath we take when we are born. Air helps us communicate, heal and relieves us from physical pain. To work with the element of air, take three deep breaths in and out. This helps us relax so we may communicate clearly.

When to connect to the element of Air: When you have stress, anger or need to get your words across in a calm manner.

Connect to these earth elements using the four elements candle set with guided meditation. 

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The four earth elements meditation guide by Mary Armendarez

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