A vial of essential oil with crystals and flowers.

The Benefits of Pairing Essential Oils and Crystals

The earth has provided us with an abundance of natural elements that have strong spiritual and healing properties.
Essential Oils have always been used in spiritual and medicinal practices because of their incredible healing benefits.
Crystals are known for harnessing and changing our energies with their strong healing powers.
When properly paired with the healing powers of essential oils, these two elements created from earth’s natural resources allow us to be more connected and grounded than we could ever imagine.
Crystals and essential oils work together, similarly to how yoga and meditation work together in order to make us feel our very best. 

To Relieve Stress: 

In order to relieve stress, the Amethyst Crystal is extremely powerful.
Amethyst has natural calming properties that alleviate stress, anxiety irritability, balance moods, anger, and fears.
It’s strong healing and cleansing properties help encourage spiritual wisdom and self-awareness.
The best oils to pair with Amythest are Lavendar and Chamomile, both also known for their calming properties. 

Boost Confidence:

Sometimes, we all need a little boost of confidence.
The best crystal to help you manifest is Rose Quartz, which helps restore trust, unconditional love, and harmony not only in ourselves but also in our relationships.
It wards off negativity by encouraging self-love, self-acceptance, and self-worth.
A great oil to pair with rose quartz in order to amplify its amazing properties is Bergamot, which is known to alleviate poor moods and boost confidence. 

Gratitude & Acceptance:

Kunzite is a very beautiful and powerful crystal for those who are seeking gratitude and acceptance.
It is also known as the stone of emotion, helping open the heart and mind whilst tearing down the walls we build around ourselves.
Kunzite is best paired with Geranium or Sandalwood, both of which help with mental clarity and groundedness. 
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