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Smudging Your Home: Experts Reveal How to Achieve Positive Energy

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“Smudging Your Home: Experts Reveal 

How to Achieve Positive Energy”

Smudging Your Home: Experts Reveal How to Achieve Positive Energy

February 17, 2022 by Julia Weaver

If you’re feeling uninspired, drained, or downright miserable, your home may be to blame. Smudging, the ancient ceremonial practice of burning herbs to banish negative energies can help purify the environment around you and invite positive energy back into your home.


But how do you cleanse your home using the smudging ritual? Whether you’re looking to cleanse your new home in Minneapolis, MN, or have been living in your Tucson, AZ condo for years but remain in a funk, smudging your home can combat the negative energy, release positive energy, and help you start a clean slate. We asked experts to share how smudging your home can achieve positive energy. Read on to see what they had to say.


Clearing negative energy is part of self-care

Whether it’s to clear the negative energy or just welcome in a fresh start, smudging your space is a great way to bring positive energy into your space and really connect with it. Using your time to smudge is a form of self-care for your physical space and mental space as it helps reduce stress and helps you find peace. – Style Me Tactical


Use a smudge spray

A fun, quick, and easy way to cleanse your home is to use a smudge spray. A blend of cedar and sage essential oils is a perfect combination to clear negative energies and uplift the vibration, so your home is a sacred space for you to enjoy. Simply spray each room and say, “Negativity out and love in.”  – Basic Purity


Achieve harmony by smudging your home

The energy of any space is palpable and unique. It can be felt instantly when stepping into an open house, a new home, an office, or even a friend’s house. It is created by the energy of the people, plants, or animals that inhabit or occupy the space, and lingers long after they have left. This energy can feel peaceful, harmonious, and joyful, but oftentimes can feel stagnant, heavy, or filled with negativity. Harmonization of this energy can easily be achieved by performing an ancient, yet simple, smudging ritual, and can be used to change the energy of a new home, as a daily cleansing ritual, or after entertaining.


Sacred smudging rituals vary, but tend to make use of three important aspects: the opening of windows and doors to allow negative energy to leave the space, the use of a sacred smudging herb such as White Sage, known for its antimicrobial properties when burned, and lastly, the intentions that are expressed during the smudging ritual. Smudging your home is a simple and powerful way to bring about a change and positive energy to the space. – Life Of Gaia


Cleanse your home with palo santo, sage, or incense

My favorite way to cleanse my home is smudging with palo santo, sage, or incense. Open your windows for circulation, and before lighting your tool, be sure to set an intention. Walk around your space, allowing the smoke to clear and cleanse, making sure not to forget doorways or the corners of the room. When you’re done, keep the windows open for a bit to let air flow in and the energy to continue to balance. – Nicolette Ficchi, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, and Yoga Instructor


Keep your home clean and organized

Our homes are what gather us and hold us together. It absorbs our and our visitor’s negative and positive energies. Keeping your home physically clean and organized can spiritually clear your home of negative energies. Smudging your home with sage or good-smelling incense can also cleanse a home. In certain extreme situations, an experienced spiritual healer needs to be brought in for a spiritual cleansing ritual if the negative energy is from a severe source. – Talal Zoabi Spiritual Healing

Best time to smudge your home is anytime

I absolutely love smudging before and after I have guests in my home. It’s a wonderful way to open the energy up to receive guests as well as smudging your home after guests to remove any unwanted energy.  – Elsa Marit


Burn local plants for the best effect

One of my personal go-to’s, when I am feeling a build-up of negativity in my thoughts and environment, is to engage in smudging, or burning sacred herbs or resins, a practice that has been done for centuries by many religions and cultures. Consider the plants in your area. Just like eating local honey offers the best defenses from local allergens, burning local plants, like white sage or cedar leaves, can have a positive effect on our bodies and we naturally have a deeper connection with them on a spiritual level.  – YB Urban?


Clear the clutter before smudging your home

If the energy in your home doesn’t flow, you may feel overwhelmed, uninspired, and unable to move forward in your life. Clear the clutter, seen and unseen, from surfaces and drawers, allowing the energy to flow with ease. Placing a clear crystal with a piece of sage on top and in all corners of a room will protect your home from negative energies. I smudge my home with sweetgrass and lavender whenever I entertain, clearing other people’s energies and honoring my home as my sanctuary. – Lesley Jane Sullivan


Perform your energy cleanse in the morning of a waning moon

You can cleanse your new home in a variety of ways from smudging with sage or incense to using sea salt and crystals as a protective barrier against negative energy. The best time to perform your cleanse is on a morning of a waning (shrinking) moon. If you find a room that feels cold, has a strange draft or smells “off” for no seeable reason, that could indicate that there is a negative energy source that needs to be shifted to positive. To encourage a more positive environment, hematite and/or amethyst are great crystals to have near the entrance door. Through simple actions like these, you can create and maintain positive energy in your home. – Oranum 


Consider using a gratitude journal

Our homes are a reflection of our innermost self, and ultimately reflect who we truly are, so harmony is from within us. A gratitude journal is an excellent way to clear out bad energy.  Gratitude and appreciation then become the cornerstone of our existence and truly puts out homeostasis of harmony which dissolves negativity. The practice of being grateful inspires clear thinking which then out pictures as decluttering of our physical spaces. Be Grateful. – Spirituality Awakening Foundation


Set a direct intention when smudging your home

Our mind and heart are the most powerful tools in clearing a space energetically. After physically cleaning your space, find a central spot in your home and set a direct intention like, “I release what no longer serves and welcome in peace and serenity into this space.” Incense, smudging herbs, or crystals can help reinforce this action and add some wonderful energy to your living space. – Bodhi Basics


Timing is everything

Be sure to go into it with the energy in which you intend to fill the space. Open the windows and use your sage or palo santo counter-clockwise to remove negative energy, and then move clockwise offering your blessing to the home. Write those blessings down and tuck them into a new house plant in order to nourish them and watch them grow. – Heather Rae

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