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applying essential oil to your face

14 Essential Oils for Your Face

Essential Oils are extracted from various parts of plants. Depending on what plant part they come it will have a very different effect on different layers of your skin.

For example, cosmetics only affect the epidermis ( top layer of your skin) while essential oils go deeper than the epidermis and can reach down to both the dermis and the sub-cutis by entering the bloodstream.


Ever walk past a stranger on the street and their perfume or clone reminded you of somebody and then you experience some sort of emotion or memory? Well, Aromatherapy is a therapy also referred to as Essential Oil therapy, it stimulates our touch and smell senses. When we smell certain aromas they activate nerves in our nose, those nerves send impulses to a part in our brain that controls memory and emotions. Depending on the type of oil, the experience will promote a calming or stimulating result. Practitioners of aromatherapy believe aromatherapy balances, harmonizes the health of body, mind, and spirit.  

Essential Oils

Here is a guide of our 14 oils for the face!

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14 essential oils for your face
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