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Mary Armendarez

Valentine's Day Card | Personalized Meditation

Valentine's Day Card | Personalized Meditation

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Valentine's Day Card | Personalized Meditation

Our personalized meditation greeting card offers a personal touch that all your loved ones will just love to receive.

The meditation can be about encourage, confidence, love, gratitude anything that you think that your love one will enjoy and be filled with a sense overwhelming love from you!

✨ Card: Choose the perfect card for your loved one.

✨ Name on Card: Please let me know who the card is for 

✨ Personalized Meditation: Choose what topic or topics for the personalized meditation. (Suggestions on the bottom of this page)

✨Your Message: Include a message, or I will leave the card blank for you to fill out!

✨ Shipping: Card can be sealed and mailed directly to the recipient (use their address for the shipping address) upon request. Please inform me if you want this service.  Please tell me if you would like me to use your return address.

 ✨Size & Paper: Each card is sized at 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches and printed on high quality textured  paper. 

They're the perfect size to mail or share with a gift.

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